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Fireweed with veganically-grown amaranth 
     Fireweed has been involved as an activist in the environmental and social change movements for several decades. In the early 90's she founded 'Women and the Earth' - initially a major conference and ecofeminist workshop series in Vancouver, BC followed for many years on Denman Island by celebratory seasonal gatherings for women from various communities throughout the region. Committed to challenging oppression in all it's forms, Fireweed has also co-ordinated commercial seal hunt, rodeo and 'exotic animals as entertainment' protests alongside anti-coal mine demos. She has been involved with avian, terrestrial and marine wild-life rescue, and is a co-founder of Denman Island MEOW (Make Every One Wanted) - the island's successful reduced cost spay/neuter program. Fireweed has been active on the front-lines of logging blockades as a non-violence trainer, worked with rural youth to support their interests in animal and environmental advocacy,  and sparked a number of local food security initiatives. 
    She is the founder of DIVA (Denman Island's Veganiculture Association) - promoting veganic agriculture as a vital response to global climate change and animal cruelty, and the Denman Island Community Vegan Potluck Series -hosting over 100 potlucks in a 20 year period including dozens of films and guest-speakers. She is a co-founder of SPUDS CO-OP - a local organic potato collective that has used only stock-free growing techniques over its 9 year history. This project followed several years of co-ordinating volunteer work bees in support of local organic produce growers under the moniker, Denman Island Garden Party Series. Thanks to a nomination by her peers, Fireweed has been recognized by Oxfam International as a "Local Female Food Hero."
     She has been a guest speaker and workshop presenter at numerous feminist events and environmental gatherings over the years- including Victoria Veg Fest on the topics of vegan ecofeminism and veganic growing. Fireweed was the co-host for "Connections" - a pirate radio program with a pro-intersectional feminist and animal rights orientation, and continues to admin several social media sites related to feminism, animal rights and environmental issues. She is also a published author with recent publications including a chapter in the Lantern Books anthology, “Call to Compassion: Religious Reflections on Animal Advocacy”, and her monthly column, ‘The Transition Kitchen’ written for the Island Word on Vancouver Island. 
     Fireweed is a Fine Arts grad from Emily Carr in Vancouver, BC (1981, sculpture and mixed media) and has exhibited her art both nationally and internationally. She also works as a photographer, in visual arts promotions, as a graphic designer (Fireweed Designs), vegan caterer (Arkadian Gardens Cuisine) and herbalist (Sacred Harvest Botanicals). She enjoys gardening and life in the woods at Redamora on Denman Island in the company of her beloved partner and feline family.

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